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MusiCare for Kids was founded by a group of high school teenagers who
actively participate in performing arts and musical theater.

The mission of MusiCare for Kids is to raise funds for charitable organizations associated with disabled children. The students utilize their skills in musical arts to perform on a voluntary basis in order to fund raise for a variety of charities devoted to children with disabilities.  They are also committed to performing at nursing homes, assisted living facilities and various other events on
Long Island.

Purpose: Dedication to helping raise funds for organizations affiliated with
children with disabilities. Commitment to providing entertainment for seniors who reside in
nursing home/assisted living facilities. Commitment to performing at special events within
their community and on Long Island.

Business: Providing funds that are necessary for research and development to enable advanced care that organizations aiding children with disabilities require.

Values: Ensuring that all children with disabilities can obtain and enjoy the best quality of life possible. Sharing time and talent to provide entertainment for seniors at nursing home/assisted living facilities. Willingness to perform at special events within their community and on Long Island.


Board members/founders: Victoria Ferrera, Lauren Kenedy, Merika Lang,
Chris Prisco, Melissa Prisco and Katie Stiene

To contact us please call 631.348.3673

"Everything's Coming Up Roses" performed by The MusiCare Founding Members