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MusiCare for Kids founding members invite new members into the organization to join them in sharing their time and talent for the benefit of others.  These must be high school students who have worked with MusiCare members and share their same passion for music.  These students must be willing to use their musical abilities in a stewardship fashion.

Becoming a member of MusiCare for Kids involves commitment.  Members of MusiCare for Kids must be willing to help out with their many fund raising efforts.  They must be available to volunteer their time at local nursing homes and participate in any other shows that will help to promote their cause.  Most importantly, members of MusiCare for Kids must be willing to practice their music individually and with other group members as needed in order to make their shows a success; this would include the preparation of solos and possible duets, trios and group performances. 

Although there is a tremendous amount of time and effort that goes into this, there are many benefits.  The most significant is that the members of MusiCare for Kids establish wonderful friendships and enhance their musical skills while enlightening the lives of others.

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