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We are a group of high school students who have a true passion for the performing arts.  We have chosen to use our musical abilities in a stewardship fashion to help people in our community especially focusing on fundraising for developmentally disabled children and their families.  We want children with special needs to achieve their fullest potential.  We want their families to have the practical tools and skills needed to reach this goal.  We raise funds and donate to organizations that support this goal.

 We achieve this mission in the following ways:

• Our primary fundraising activity involves the planning and organization of Cabaret-style musical performances.  MusiCare members entertain guests with a variety of music and song while guests enjoy food and drinks donated by businesses within the local community.  These events are held at restaurants, halls, and churches.  MusiCare members plan the show agenda and musical arrangements.  The administration works on gathering and presenting donations for these events.   Funds are generated through ticket sales, raffle baskets containing donated goods, and jewelry made by MusiCare members.

• MusiCare members sing at local public libraries.  We perform lively one-hour shows with music of various genres including Broadway tunes, classical music, patriotic songs and pop tunes.  Funds are collected from these shows.



• MusiCare members entertain at charity events, holiday parties, ceremonies and business events.  We perform music as requested by those committee members.  Donations made to MusiCare are accepted.

• Making and selling jewelry is another means of generating funds for our organization.  MusiCare members sell their hand-crafted jewelry at their fundraisers, craft sales and festivals within the community.

• Aside from fundraising for disabled children and their families, MusiCare members are active volunteers in our community.  As part of our stewardship, we sing at local nursing homes on a regular basis.  We also cantor at St. Rose of Lima Church in Massapequa, NY which offers monthly masses designed for children with special needs and their families.

• MusiCare maintains a web site that raises awareness for developmentally disabled children and their families, describes our activities and progress and encourages others to become involved with their cause.

• MusiCare invites other high school teens to join us with our cause.  We are seeking out teens who share our same passion and commitment to music so that together we can help to improve the lives of disabled children while doing something that we enjoy most.

To contact us please call 631.348.3673