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Katie Stiene

Katie Stiene is a founding member of Musicare for Kids and a junior at Our Lady of Mercy Academy (OLMA) in Syosset. Katie maintains a high GPA and is on the Prinicipals List at school while participating in honors and advanced placement courses, in accordance with her four year academic scholarship at OLMA. Katie loves to perform and has done so in various shows at Trinity Regional School, community theaters, as well as the Mercy Players.

Katie's kindness and leadership skills are exemplified in her past position as school president of Trinity Regional School and as a member of the select few nominated to Leader's Club at OLMA. Katie's commitment to excellence and dedication are demonstrated in everything she does, always striving to be the best she can be. This can be seen in her great involvement at in Select Chorus,
Tri-M National Music Honor Society, Mercy Players, Mercy Dance Company, Dot Dance, United States Achievement Academy Member, All- American Scholar, Leadership Summit Nominee, and Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. Katie has always excelled as a dancer with 14 years experience in jazz, ballet, pointe, and lyrical. With a focused mind, and level head, through MusiCare, she aspires to bring smiles to children and the elderly using her talent.

Katie continues her community service as a volunteer at the library and as Vacation Bible School Musical Director where her faith and spirituality incorporate her gift of music. Katie wants to share this gift with the world and MusiCare has allowed her to do so for the past two years.

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